Combat Casualty Reference Card

Combat Casualty Reference Card

Item Overview


  • Features the TCCC Guidelines
  • 5 rugged reference cards with a grommet connector for rapid access of critical casualty management information
  • Clear & concise instructions for medics & warfighters
  • Information divided into four sections: Care under fire, tactical field care & TACEVAC protocols, 9-line MEDEVAC request & notes
  • Pocket-sized for convenience

Medical interventions performed during tactical operations need to be the right actions at the right time. So, North American Rescue developed the Combat Casualty Reference Card for efficient and accurate reference.

Designed for both tactical healthcare professionals and war-fighters, the card offers clear, concise instructions using the TCCC guidelines. For quick access to exactly what is needed, the card has four headings: Care under fire, tactical field care and CASEVAC protocols, 9-line MEDEVAC request, and notes.

Since we knew the card woold be used in harsh, inconvenient, difficult environments, we made it rugged and sized it for easy transport. The end-product is a pocket-sized management plan that increases confidence and promotes right actions at the right time in stressfol circumstances.


  • H 6 in. x W 5 in. x D 0.1 in.
  • Weight: 2.3 oz

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