Multi-Trauma Manikin (66 lbs. & 110 lbs. Options)

Multi-Trauma Manikin (66 lbs. & 110 lbs. Options)

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The Multi-Trauma Rescue Manikin evolved from the Blast and Impaled Victim manikin to combine all the features of these manikin in one product. Additionally, the head has been redesigned to allow the fitting of an extrication collar. So now you have in one manikin a General Purpose rescue manikin that can also simulate an amputated arm and leg, an impaled torso and a suspect neck injury. The hole on the left of the torso allows a spike to be firmly held in place. The right arm and right leg are fully detachable to simulate an amputation, or by partially releasing the locking straps the limb can be weakly attached and will fall off if the rescuer does not correctly assess and support the injury. The manikin is supplied complete with sturdy boots that greatly protect the legs if the manikin is dragged along the ground, and are user-replaceable if badly damaged.

23956030 66 lbs. 32 x 42x 13

23956050 110 lbs. 32 x 42x 13

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