Tuff Kelly - 175 lbs.

Tuff Kelly - 175 lbs.

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Tuff Kelly - 175 lbs. The full-body manikin with realistic weight for extrication and rescue training Item: 101-07501 The Tuff Kelly line of manikins is durable and robust and of realistic weight. They can be used for a wide variety of extrication-training scenarios. The optional BTLS Victim Injury Set allows Tuff Kelly to be used in trauma and first aid scenarios. Product benefits: Ideal for training confined space, bucket, horizontal, vertical, and pole-top rescue practices Realistic weight and articulation of the manikin requires rescuers to execute proper skills for handling a real adult victim Steel frame ensures longevity and durability throughout numerous training exercises Unique manikin construction ensures realistic articulation, ease of movement for positioning and full range of motion in extrication scenarios Manikin platform allows injury and trauma modules to be used Product features: Full-body, realistically weighted rescue manikin Available in weights of 100, 150 and 175 pounds Body is made of extra tough cast vinyl, supported by a steel frame Wire cables and springs allow lifelike movement in all joints A 2 diameter eye bolt in head allows for safety, ease of lifting and storing Available with or without an eye bolt Coveralls, boots, and waist belt with D ring provided for the manikin Optional BTLS Victim Injury Set or Tuff Kelly Trauma Set adds realism in extrication and first aid training scenarios