Personal Protection Kit, w/ Microshield

Personal Protection Kit, w/ Microshield

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Personal Protection Kit, w/ Microshield SKU: 213-M 13 piece Personal protection kit, w/ CPR Microshield faceshield, plastic case, 1 ea. Our 19-piece, personal protection kit is designed to guard persons attending to the injured or ill. (Many companies specifically require this kind of protection.) This kit includes a Microshield CPR Shield as part of the complete head-to-toe defense package against bio-hazardous contaminants. Every aspect of this kit meets with federal OSHA recommendations. Products are contained in a sturdy, reusable plastic case that can be easily carried or mounted on a wall Kit Includes: (3) Antiseptic cleansing wipes (sting free) (1) 8" x 12" Clear plastic bag (1) Twist Tie (1) 24"x24" Biohazard bag, 10 gallon capacity (1) Disposable bonnet (1) Disposable gown w/full sleeves (1) Eye shield with ear loop mask (2) Exam quality gloves, 1 pair (2) Disposable shoe covers (1) CPR pack: 1 Microshield CPR faceshield, 2 large latex gloves, and 3 antiseptic cleansing wipes (sting free) Kit Dimensions: 9"x8-3/8"x2-1/2" Interested In A Private Label? We can prepare your kits with custom or ready labels.



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First Aid Industrial
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